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Graffiti art doesn’t simply mean art we see on walls. Truth be told, graffiti art has such solid qualities that it is not difficult to spot them wherever – in schools, on walkways, on bikes, on vehicles, on skateboards and course readings, just to give some examples cases. Graffiti art has a free vibe about it. There are no strict standards for making graffiti art, aside from a couple of unmistakable qualities that dependably make graffiti art seem a la mode with style. How about we see what those attributes are. To start with, graffiti art is generally free structures. However, these structures are typically sufficiently clear to drive the nail to the head. The shapes are loosely made, and the subjects entangle with each other in a somewhat arbitrary way. Highlights are connected to the picture if necessary however once more, these are loosely connected. Second, writings are normally obvious and are painted in an emblazoned way that gives a 3D impression. These writings ordinarily shape a couple of words or a short expression and make up a part of the whole graffiti artwork. Our aim is to produce original, reasonably priced paintings, that will brighten up your home or office and give you pleasure for years to come. We have various styles and designs.

Practised on living walls, subway boundaries, tunnels and to name a few examples. Both publicly and privately, graffiti art used to be seen as an illegal form of art, which damages properties (if done without consent) only. And, to think wisely, such a decision was quite an agreeable too. However, today, if we compare the Graffiti artists the old form, everyone can easily find the difference between both. It has now a meaning, a purpose and of course permissible. Graffiti artists are now happily emerging across the globe with a mission to accomplish. This form of art is now more about the profession, a creative source of information dissemination and done to serve various interests such as political, social and needless to say, commercial. It is now considered multi-colored thoughts displayed on all the surfaces around us (for a momentary public notice).

We accept commissioning projects for both
private collectors or business artworks.

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The world continues to move forward, even the ideals that people hold on to are progressing. What was once considered taboo is now seen as a work of art and now being accepted, and that is exactly how it should be. So in the light of that, here are the benefits of tattoos.

Why you may consider a tattoo today, as Tattoo Artist Melbourne, there are some pivotal reasons that you can not deny

1. Tattoos are wonderful conversation starters

From the supermarket to the buzzing parties, you’d always be asked of your tattoo. And of course, while some of the questions will be quite simple, like “What does this tattoo mean?”, some others won’t be as simple, you may even be asked of the literature behind the tattoo to even photography.

2. Conceal sad memories

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a scar? Of course, everyone has scars. It doesn’t matter if they come from a self-inflicted injury, an accident or even a medical procedure, scars are common. They are a part of each of our lives and they also tell or remind us of the story of our lives. However, some people may choose to take advantage of the presence of these scars and turn them into a new and happy stuff by beautifying and covering them with a tattoo. We’ve seen quite a number of tattoos that are used to cover or accentuate a scar, and these may even be some of the most beautiful tattoos you’d see. People can use tattoos to turn something horrible to something lovely.

3. Tattoos promote worthy artists

When people see and appreciate your tattoo, you’d hear questions like, “where did you get this?” “Who did this?” etc. Those are common questions you’d get when your tattoo is done very well. So this is a big opportunity for the artist who did it to be promoted, so he/she gets more exposure.

Special Services

Choose your own colours. If you like a particular design and the colours don’t match your room,
we can produce a similar design in your chosen colours.

We can come to you. We can bring your selected original paintings online to you if you live in the Melbourne
metropolitan area, so that you can see them in your home before you buy.

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